Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Life-Changing Stories with VIVIX

Eye Sight Improves  2008-2009  

     After gradually losing his eyesight, our friend Rich was diagnosed with a rare, hereditary degenerative eye disease.  He was seen at the U. of Minnesota and at the Mayo Clinic, but it wasn't until he was referred to the eye department at Iowa State University in Armes that he was given the diagnosis.  Sadly, there was nothing they could do for him.
     In August, 2008 he decided to use VIVIX.
     After being on VIVIX for a year, his sight returned and the doctors in Iowa were amazed.   He got his driver's license back and can do everything he used to do before losing his sight.  He never misses a day of VIVIX and we are both so grateful to Shaklee for the amazing research they do and for the wonderful, life-changing products they make.                                                                                              Vicki Case
Dramatic improvements in VISION are happening to numerous VIVIX customers across the USA.  

Itchy, Rough, Dark Brown Skin Meets VIVIX !   
     In April, 2010,  Roy (80) and his wife Mary (76) from Blairsville, GA contacted me after their Chiropractor recommended that they use VIVIX.
     His chronic itchy, dark brown rashes on his arms and legs were making his life very unpleasant.  The meds the dermatologist prescribed had been unable to help him.
     After taking 1 tsp of VIVIX a day for a month,  all the dark brown skin on his left had had disappeared --- and his right hand was much improved.  His skin was soft and supple.  A new rash had appeared on his leg and disappeared in just two days. I went by to visit last week and the first thing he showed me was his hands. 
    After 4 months on Vivix  (and the other RX for a Healthier Life Supplements) this man's skin disease has vanished -- Debbie Garrison

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