Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More than Anti-Aging... Life Changing..

I just had to share this with you... When I read note's like this I get goosebumps. To be able to offer folks products that change lives is one of the most rewarding benefits of my lifestyle choices these days.

Dear Cindy,
I wanted to give you my story for anyone suffering from Alopecia or other
forms of hair loss. Since the end of 2007 I began to lose my hair. It
started with small patches at first then, they just slowly grew to almost
palm size bald spots.

At first it started at the side of my head them within
a year the hair loss was on the top of my head too. I can't tell you how
devastating it is for a women.

I was going through a series of trials in my life, divorce after 15 years,
loss of two family members, job changes etc... As for any woman there is
no way to hide so much baldness without a wig or hats, so that's exactly
what I had resorted to. I can't tell you the hundreds and hundreds of
dollars I spent on wigs and all kinds of shampoos to help my hair grow back, but
nothing worked. It seemed to be getting worse!

Well one day I realized how much Shaklee's Vivix and Nutriferon had helped
my father live 11 months instead of 1 or 2 months like the Dr. had told
us. So I decided that I would increase my Vivix to 3 X's a day, my
Nurtriferon and B complex to 6 per day! Of course this is in addition to the RX
prescription and lots of prayers. Within a month I began to see a tremendous
change. My hair growth was unbelievable.

In Dec. of 09 I was visiting family and I walked in to their home without a wig.
First time in over 2 years. Their expression's were priceless!

The first words out of my Mother and sisters mouth was "Is that your real
hair or a different wig?" Since them my hair is almost back to normal, long
full healthy head of hair.

My up line is the only one who saw how devastated I was and
how it affected me. She is the only one I would allow to see and even
photograph my head.

She encouraged me to share my story. At the Shaklee
Excite meeting in Santa Fe, New Mexico, April 10, 2010, was only the 2nd time I
had shared this with all the Shaklee family and friends. Since I have received so many emails and calls I felt it necessary to
share with everyone.

For anyone who is going through anything like this with any kind of hair
loss, THERE IS HOPE! Every single dollar I spent on my supplements was
worth more than words can express!
With love and respect,
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