Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Vivix Anti Aging Tonic - Alocpeia Testimony with Pictures

As a cosmetologist this testimony really hits my hot buttons. It's so sad to see someone with alopecia. I don't know if you could call Vivix a cure for alopecia. It's been tested and documented for anti aging only. But this alopecia testimony with pictures it amazing.

Stephanie, 21 yrs old, has been struggling with Alopecia for quite awhile. The doctors wanted to put her on steroids etc and the mother and Stephanie decided they would try Shaklee?s nutritional products as their first option.

Here is Stephanie?s before and after photo?s that they have given us permission to share. Look at both pages from the bottom up:

Stephanie before Vivix and Vitalizer,
then first month on Vivix and Vitalizer,
then second month on Vivix and Vitalizer!

WOW! What a significant difference pictures are worth a thousand words!

Growing hair back is significant, I've also had a few folks tell me their hair is returning to it's natural color. In other wards their Grey hair is going away!
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