Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Resveratrol Anti- Aging Testimony: Increased Muscle Strength

This just in another resveratrol Vivix testimony. This one is on increased muscle strength after several years in a wheel chair.

Several of you, my Shaklee Friends, have ask if I could share what is happening since I have added Vivix to my supplement program.

As background, I have been my own best customer using Shaklee supplements for the past 37 years. I feel that they have been largely responsible for the health I enjoy today. I had polio at age 8 years which left me with very little movement in my legs. Since the polio attack, I have used a wheelchair to transport me to and through many marvelous experiences.

Now, the only thing I have changed is the addition of Vivix each day since the convention last August.

I started using Vivix right after it was introduced, and have used it daily since...the recommended tsp (although now I "swig" it from the bottle so may vary just a bit) As have others, I soon noticed a smoothing out of brown spots on my skin, I was sleeping sounder, not having to get up to go to the bathroom during the night and noticed more sustained energy level on into the evening.

However, the unexpected effect that has astounded me is that, after taking Vivix for about 3 to 4 months, I begin to notice a tiny bit more movement (an awakening?) in the muscles in my legs that has continued to increase over these past number of months.

As I said, after the polio attack, I had full feeling but almost no movement in my legs. Was left with a little movement in my right leg and almost none in my left. For example, in a sitting position I could raise my right knee upward a bit and move it sideways ever so slightly. Had been able to "feel" a slight muscle tensing in the back my left leg but no movement. This has been a static condition for over 60 years.

I will briefly try to describe what has/is happening. Whereas, when I would tense the muscles in the back of my right leg before, I could feel them tense only behind my knee...this has increased until now I can tense and feel it down my calf and up into my hip. I can even feel the muscle tensing a little more in the back of my left leg.

In a sitting position, I could pull my right knee up about 2 inches, I can now pull it up to my chest! I also have a lot more sideways movement. I can see and feel a more movement in the left leg.

What does this mean for me? Well the main thing is, I don't have to use my arm to move my right leg for the most part. What is really neat is that I can move both legs more when in bed to help me turn over and so forth. Also I can move the right one when I get in and out of my chair without it just swinging (and banging into whatever) I won't try to go into more detail but, hopefully, this will give you a little idea of why I am so thrilled. Every little improvement just helps me be able to move around easier and for this I am grateful. Plus, I seem to continue to gain more movement. I really notice it when I am swimming.

My massage therapist is "blown away" and can verify each improvement. She evaluated me when I started with her 2 years ago and is seeing each gain.

So...Thank you Vivix!!
Marlene Egerer

There you have it straight from the Shaklee Field... we are probably the best human testers Shaklee could have! I heard someone saying they put Vivix on a scratch and warned that it would sting a little, but was much better later that afternoon. Go figure. If it can be tried, tested, or used in an uncoventional way Shaklee Distributors will try it.
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