Monday, July 13, 2009

Resveratrol Anti Aging: What an incredible testimony...I'm SHOCKED!

Back to the testimonial rollercoster. Here's 2 new testimonials on Vivix Shaklee's anti aging resveratrol product. The longer I take this stuff and look in the mirror the more excited I get. I had felt for a few months the spider veins in my legs were not as noticible, and wouldn't you know today Lorri commented about the same thing. Kind of ironic isn't it.

In all reality taking Vivix is much like a rollercoster ride full of astonishing breath taking suprises. Since resveratrol works at the cellular level to protect and repair DNA of the cell you never know what will be around the bend for you. It's all good and exciting.

#1 Testimony: Here's Lorri's testimony...

I guess this should not be so shocking as we are seeing how Vivix repairs, rebuilds and tends to regenerate at the cellular level. I?m seeing simple things like the spider veins in my legs diminish which is something I never expected when I started on this product.

The next Shaklee Resveratrol Anti Aging testimony will knock your socks. Truly Amazing. Thanks Karen for sharing. Brandy used to work for us at the Family Chiropractic & Nutrition Center and she was a home health care supervisor. This is an unbelievable testimony! Karen

#2 Testimony: Hold on this is a good one...

Tony has been taking the VIVIX since I started employment with you all February 2009 and guess what? We went to see the kidney doctor to find out about testing me so that I could give him a kidney and part of my liver because he was high stage 4 renal failure with polysistic kidneys at stage 5 you have to be on dialysis to live. So we wanted to do a transplant before he had to start.

When they did his blood work they told us that he is stage 2 to low 3, and proceeded to take him off the renal diets, saying he does not need any blood pressure medication and to enjoy life because he had hopefully many years before he has to think about dialysis!

You don't get better with this disease ?. And according to the specialists that we consulted, they all said, "there is no cure". Tony could not even get on the transplant list because he had a heart attack in the past.

The doctor wanted to know what was going on and even ran another blood test to make sure that the lab hadn't screwed up. I couldn't think because I was in such shock. Here we were going there sad, and expecting the worst, with not much hope after seeing two kidney specialists that said the same thing. Then GOD and VIVIX saved our lives. All we could do was cry and laugh about what kind of meal he wanted for dinner because he was no longer limited to 4oz of protein a day which isn't much being he is 6'4 and 240lbs.

Anyway his sister is in the same condition with football size cysts on her kidneys and we are sending her a shipment of VIVIX next week. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! What else do you say to someone who gave my husband and my family our lives back? I will tell anyone I can about VIVIX in the future and God Bless all of you, I know he has blessed us. Brandy and Tony

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