Friday, July 3, 2009

Resveratrol Anti Aging as a Cancer Preventive

After more than a decade researching how effective resveratrol is to tackle cancer it's been found resveratrol's cancer utility is huge... it can easily tackle the growth of the carcinogenic cells. The cancer is treated by resveratrol in two ways:

1. Resveratrol cuts off the energy source of the cells by attacking the mitochondria cancer cells. It's been shown to even stop the growth of multi stage of cancer.
Research it has found the cancer cells are easily suppressed by resveratrol along with chemo therapy can decay the cells walls and prevent it from reoccurring.

2.Resveratrol attacks the structure of the cancer cell in such a way the cancer cells regain their original shape and size.

Resveratrol is a very popular topic of interest among researchers and scientists in past few weeks. As new research results unfold, it has been found that resveratrol is more than a protector; it possibly fights off the disease.

There are 12 known mechanisms by which resveratrol work to prevent the development and spread of cancer cells in the body. What's even better the compound is showing indications that it can destroy cancer cells and tumors.

Resveratrol's chemopreventive property is attributed mainly to its capacity to prevent DNA damages. Resveratrol also has a great impact on the cancerous cells as it damages the killer DNa which causes the problem. In one of the many studies, it was found to work by preventing the abduction between DNA and estrogen, which is typically the initiation stage of the disease.

Another property that makes this polyphenol a good candidate for cure is its toxic effects on cancer cells. However, it does not pose any harm to normal cells. In fact, resveratrol deliver health side benefits to the consumer. For one, it can repair heart-related diseases and anomalies such as poor blood circulation, coronary heart disease, and artery damages. Further, resveratrol has the capacity to inhibit the growth of cells.

Shaklee the #1 natural nutrition company in the US for over 50 years premium resveratrol anti aging tonic is called Vivix.

Vivix the resveratrol anti aging tonic combats celluar aging with key ingredients impacting all 4 mechanisms of celluar aging. The polyphenols contained in Vivix are shown to.....

1. Effectivly protect and repair cellular DNA.
2. Positively impact genetic regularors.
3. Promote mitochondrial biogenesis which helps increase power and energy production within cells. New mitochondria generated from resveratrik are nire effecuebt and don't product the high number of free radicals in aging cells, thus reversing the damaging snowball effect.
4. Reduce the formation of AGE proteins. Vivix's polyphenols are 10 times more powerful than resveratrol alone in slowing the AGE formation.

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