Friday, May 29, 2009

Resveratrol Testimony: High Blood Sugar Levels Lower

One of the benefits of marketing online is coming into contact with many Shaklee distributors outside of our group. I got a call from Rich yesterday, asking some questions about Vivix. He is a regular reader of this site and frequently uses it as a resource for information.

In our phone conversation yesterday Rich said he was a long time user of Shaklee products. (over 30 years) He was telling me he started the business way back but didn't like doing inventory and shipping products. At that time his dad was sponsored under him and working the business too. He said their family did a business re-organization, moved his dad above him and he continued to just be a good Shaklee product user. His Dad built the business up to "KEY Coordinator" (Shaklee's term for business size) before passing away, the business was then passed onto his sister who also passed away several months ago. So now Rich again is in control of the business. Isn't it amazing how the Shaklee business in his family came around full circle.

Rich not wanting to do business the traditional way, went online, found this site and is discovering a whole new way the business can be built. As we were talking he shared with me his vivix testimony. It was so compelling, I asked him to put it down in writing so I could share it.

Vivix is the brand name for Shaklee's resveratrol anti-aging product.

Here is Rich's Testimony...

Vivix is yielding major results lowering high blood sugar and elevated cholesterol

After years of working on a type 2 diabetic issues, losing more than 150 lbs., completely changing my diet to a new lifestyle, increasing water intake and much more, I seemed to reach a plateau of around 320 blood sugar levels. I added Vivix to my Shaklee nutritional program about 7 months ago. Vivix has made the difference in lowering my type 2 diabetes blood sugar levels and has reduced my bad cholesterol numbers significantly.

Thank God for Vivix, it is amazing. When I started Vivix, I had morning blood sugars of around 320, in 6 months I am seeing normal levels of 105 to 115 and the bad cholesterol is down over 50 points. I have also been taking 2 blood sugar drugs, as I have done before, but never with any significant results. The lowering of cholesterol has been without cholesterol drugs. I know it’s the Vivix product. Naturally, the right diet has been necessary to keep from adding to the sugar levels and many other Shaklee supplements and protein are in my program along with lots of water.

There is hope for lowering sugar levels, add Vivix to your daily program today and give is 4-6 months. Kudos to Shaklee for another providing another amazing supplement, Vivix.

Shaklee Coordinator
Central PA

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