Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Resveratrol Testimony: Back, Sciatic, Shoulder Pain Gone

I really never thought of using resveratrol to reduce pain, but if you think about it. Resveratrol protects and repairs your body's cells... that's what we are made of. Apparently resveratrol repaired the damaged cells that were causing the pain. Kinda cool huh...

Back Pain, Sciatic Pain & Shoulder Pain
I am so excited to share with you what has happened to me since I started on Vivix. I need to give you some history to understand my story. 35 years ago I cracked my tailbone when I fell off a snow tube. I have had trouble with my tailbone off & on ever since.

Two years ago I started on my weight loss program & cracked my tailbone again while exercising. This time it affected my sciatic nerve. I was in terrible pain. It hurt from my waist clear down to my toes. The chiropractor also told me that my lower disk was deteriorating. I have never experienced pain that intense! I had a lot of trouble sleeping at night. When I sat I had a shooting pain go down my leg. It would go numb if I sat too long.
During this time I lost 40# with Cinch and I know that helped. I tried to stay as active as possible & used a lot of Shaklee food supplements. Over time it got a little better but I still had trouble sleeping at night.

In April I changed health clubs and tried a new exercise machine. I knew I was in trouble when I started the exercise. I immediately felt a terrible pain in my lower back and my sciatic nerve was “HOT” again! I slowed down on my exercising a little but didn’t stop. Nights were the worst. My lower back felt like it was going to break in two. It was very hard to get out of bed. When I finally got out I was very stiff & it took a couple steps to get moving. I looked like an old lady. I started taking Advil to help relieve the pain so I could get some sleep at night.

Then in June I was pulling in the boat anchor & hurt my shoulders. It hurt really deep in my shoulder muscles. I use to sleep on my side with my arm under my pillow. I couldn’t sleep on my side due to my sciatic nerve pain & now due to my shoulders. I only got a couple hours of sleep a night due to the pain so the Advil increased. I was very discouraged because I didn’t know how much longer I could deal with the pain & lack of sleep. This happened daily until I was introduced to Vivix.

I started on Vivix on 8-9-08. About 2 wks later I noticed that the weights at the health club didn’t seem as heavy and I wasn’t as tired after my workouts. Then on 9-8-08 I noticed I slept a little better. It continued each night & my pain got a little less. On 9-11-08 I woke up on my side with my arm under my pillow! I could hardly believe it. I finally told my husband what had been happening since Sept. 8th. I didn’t want to tell anyone for a week just to make sure this wasn’t a fluke. The back breaking pain is gone! My sciatic nerve pain is gone! My shoulder pain is almost gone but I can still sleep on my side. I am sleeping again at night! I would never have believed that this could have happened just by adding Vivix! I haven’t had Advil since the 8th. Thank you Shaklee!!! My husband & I both have Vivix on autoship because we don’t want to run out. I just ordered another box of Vivix to keep on hand “just in case”. This is an incredible product!
Jim has noticed more energy & clarity of thought since he’s been on Vivix. Suzanne


Anonymous said...

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Cindy McAsey said...

Thanks Ginna for the information..

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