Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Resveratrol Anti-Aging Tonic: Testimonials

The testimonials just keep rolling in on this amazing resveratrol anti aging stuff. Just today I get a message from a long time Shaklee distributor about his hair that was completely white now has lots of dark brown hair coming in.

As a cosmetologist I can speak from experience... generally when people loose pigment in their hair there are lots of underlying aging factors going on. Think about the saying "Your going to give your Mother Grey Hair" It's true stress in your life does lead to hair loosing pigment.

This is a quote straight from the message I got this morning...

"I've had independent verification that my formerly completely white hair now has a whole bunch of really cool dark brown hair coming on strong. Who knows what that means, but something is happening in the reversal of aging department. On another note, a friend of mine saw me striding along and mentioned, "Now that is a Shaklee-guy walk. You walk like a 30 year old". I thought about that and realized that I have lost virtually all of my 58 year old guy small aches and pains. When I run, walk, play tennis or exercize, all I feel is the joy of movement with no extra sensations. I really like that Vivix!" Bob

In this same message were a few before and after Cholestrol & Blood Sugar numbers.

Cholesterol Drops: I just wanted to let you know how my research went on VIVIX and Cholesterol.Well, I haven't taken any prescription medication for my cholesterol and my blood work came back great! My total Cholesterol dropped by 50 points!

I take a teaspoon of VIVIX everyday and 3 gel caps of OmegaGuard plus 2 Vita-Lea Gold vitamins. I was amazed and extremely happy and the best part is I wasn't even trying to eat well and I got these results. It has inspired me to eat better, now that I believe my numbers would be even better with just a few small diet changes and a little exercise.
I can't wait to tell everyone. Darlene, Maryland

Cholesterol & Blood Sugar Results: I started on VIVIX in August, 2008. Doctor said my results are Fantastic! These are the results from my blood work in February, 2009.

Before After
Blood Sugar 102 81
Cholesterol Total 213 178
Triglycerides 50 53
HDL Cholesterol 51 65
Total Cholesterol HDL Ratio 4.2 2.7
LDL/HDL Ratio – 1.6

BY: Zoe, Flordia

Disclaimer..The statements made on this blog have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Rather the statements made are what some folks have experienced personally.

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