Saturday, February 14, 2009

What is Resveratrol & What can it do?

Resveratrol is a molecule so tiny it penetrates almost any wall of a cell in an organism. It continues into the cell nucleus, to the cells genetic machinery. There resveratrol selectivly switches on genes that aid the survival of an organisum, like the Sirtuin 1 DNA repair gene. Using gene silencing, it switched off genes involved in the initiation and progression of disease, blocking replication of bacteria, viruses, fungi and tumor cells.

EXTENDS LIFE --- by infulencing gene functions, resveratrol has been shown to extend the life of yeast cells, fruit flies,roundworms, fish and even over fed labatory mice.

New studies show it even slows the onset of virturally all aging diseases: heart, cancers, arthritis and Alzheimers.

Other new discoveries shows it does still more... repairs alcohol damaged livers, slows bone loss, boosts endurance, promotes hair growth, and re-energizes cells.

Who found Resveratrol?

Leroy Caeasy, professor of pomology at Cornell discovered resveratrol in 1992. Excitement for this molecule boomed in 1997 when a team lead by Professor John Pezzuto (University of Illnois), reported resveratrol inhibited the onset and progression of cancer in mice like no other molecule. Comparing resveratrol to 19,000 other substances -- he said "Resveratrol is by far the most promising against cancer"

Who discovered Resveratrol's ablility to extend life spans?

MIT researchers discovered a gene Sirtin 1 which controls the rate of aging. This gene is switched on by caloric restriction. In 2003 Harvard scientist David Sinclair team discovered trans-resveratrol also switches on resveratrol 1 gene, thus mimiciking calorie restriction. Sinclair was the first to show a living organism, yeast cells,lives far longer when givin resveratrol. He later showed resveratrols ability to promote quality of life.

Resveratrol may soon become the most prized molecule on our planet.

Here is an awesome presentation on Resveratrol going into exactly what it does to the cells, also toward the end it describes the opportunity available to you too. RECORDED PRESENTATION

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Anonymous said...

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