Thursday, January 15, 2009

Controls Aging! New Resveratrol Research Explained

The response to Vivix, Shaklee’s amazing new Cellular Anti-Aging Tonic made from resveratrol, has been amazing. Over $1 million dollars worth of Vivix is being sold each week and the demand is only increasing.

If you haven’t heard about Resveratrol yet, check this out:

Dr. David Sinclair, the leading scientific researcher on anti-aging in the world he talks about the Science of Anti-Aging.

Shaklee's Vivix is made from resveratrol. Then learn more about Vivix and how it can help you to feel years’ younger and live years longer:

Check out what folks are saying about Vivix!

STROKE RECOVERY: A massive stroke 3 1/2 years ago (doctors attribute to my irregular heartbeat-- I believe it was stress) attacked my right brain (& basil ganglia) leaving my left side totally unavailable and the right brain majorly stressed, reactive, & depressed. Never totally giving up, taking handfuls of Shaklee supplements, exercising, listening to motivational cd's, getting Brain Gym balances, regular chiropractic care, etc., my progress was evident to those who knew me, including my doctors. But what they didn't see was the exhaustion and struggle it took. Then along came Vivix, August 15, less than 6 weeks ago. First I thought it was probably the placebo effect, but today I can tell you a few of the things I KNOW have changed.

BALANCE--so bad in the past that one of the many falls landed me under my rolling car, crushing my right leg, though not the bone. My balance has improved so much I now climb stairs, carrying something in EACH hand, and not even holding onto the rail.

ENERGY--so different now I can do 30 minutes on the treadmill, noting my improved heart rate & instead of having to take a nap, I take off to do errands, deliver Shaklee and attend a Spanish Class – in which I am much more focused.

FOCUS-- Always ADD and hypoglycemic, worse since numerous car wrecks in the 80's & the more recent stroke. I am experiencing now more blood sugar balance and longer attention spans--just finished reading a whole book in a couple of days and, most assuredly,I am making an A in the Spanish class (where my classmates & teacher are @ 1/3 my age).So I would say my mental acuity and memory are enhanced as well!

ATTITUDE--OH MY GOSH! I woke up this morning, like most others since starting on this magical stuff, full of vitality & optimism, and happy. LIFE IS GOOD! Thank you, God! Thank you Shaklee! I have my life back, better than ever! Sylvia Sue Greene - September 27, 2008

VIVIX vs. High Blood Pressure I have high blood pressure that is controlled by a diuretic and beta blocker combination medication. Usually even with medication my systolic ranges between 129-138 and my diastolic between 75-83 and my pulse would range anywhere from 80-91 (rarely dropping below 80).

After five days on Vivix™ my blood pressure was 111/69 and pulse 59. The only thing different that I have been doing prior to this low reading is Vivix™. The past few days, my bp seems to be consistently around 122/73 and pulse 70. That’s pretty pleasing to me. I hope to eventually be able to come off all medications. I do supplement with magnesium and CoQ10 to counteract what my bp medication causes in nutrient deficiencies, but I’d rather not have the stuff going through my system.
I have not been on any other medications, not changed my diet any and my exercise level is still around 7500 steps a day.

Overall, I seem to have more energy and am better able to concentrate. I would recommend that you take Vivix™ in the morning so you can get the benefit of more energy throughout the day. Genia Powell

You can order Vivix online at:

As Helen Keller said, “The most beautiful things in the world can not be seen or touched. They must be felt.”

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