Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another Anti-Aging Tonic Testimony

SARCOIDOSIS..COPD…INFLAMED LUNGS…BONE PAIN I wanted to put into words what you and Shaklee have done for me. This past spring I found myself dealing with a flare up of Sarcoidosis. This is, as you know, an auto immune disease that, in my case, caused long bone (not joint) pain and most troubling, breathing difficulties. The disease caused calcium deposits called granulomas to stiffen my lungs, so constricted airways was not the trouble, it was inflamed lung tissue that did not want to expand as it should resulting in shortness of breath as well as coughing.

This affected everything in my life. I was unable to even go for walks without being out of breath. I was so frustrated. Thanks to the gift of your friendship and true concern and the wonderful health and nutrition products from Shaklee, I was able to get the Sarcoidosis into remission within about six months.

Now the first time I suffered with Sarcoidosis, which was in 1999/2000, the disease took a course of one year before it went into remission. This time, though, I truly believe that by introducing Shaklee nutrition into my life, I was able to shorten the duration of the illness.

The drug of choice used to treat Sarcoidosis is Prednisone. For anyone not familiar with the drug, it reduces inflammation but along with that it has some terrible and serious side effects such as bone pain, fluid retention, insomnia, and weight gain, to name a few. I began taking a variety of Shaklee supplements specifically chosen to support and rebuild my immune system such as Vitalizer, Alfalfa, Immunity Formula 1, Core Energy, Omega Guard, Zinc, and the Pain Relief Complex.

Although I still had to continue with the oral Prednisone in order to breathe comfortably, the supplements began to help me rebuild my damaged cells. I also chose to eat as organic as possible and went green in my home by using Shaklee cleaning products and laundry products. Anne, with your help, I began to realize that the medical world does have its place without a doubt, but it was up to me to monitor my own health, learn how different foods affected my health and to remove any chemicals that could possibly be a contributing factor in relation to the return of the Sarcoidosis.

Truly, nothing that I was doing regarding my choice of foods (I avoid preservatives in foods), choice of cleaning products and choice of natural supplements could hurt me these things could only help me support and strengthen my immune system as well as protect it from unnecessary chemicals. What could I possibly lose??

The support the supplements offered soon enabled me to reduce my Prednisone dosage to 20 mg per day from 40 mg. I took no other pain relievers except for the Shaklee Pain Relief Complex. Around the middle of July I was able to go off of the Prednisone (I had to do this slowly) and began taking an inhaled steroid, Asmanex. I no longer needed the Pain Relief Complex as I had no pain!!!!!

Shortly after this, I was introduced to Shaklee Vivix. NO JOKING HERE...within about one week my lungs started to feel better. I experimented by taking the Asmanex only in the morning, I cut out the PM dose (I had done this before, but immediately had to go back on the evening dose due to breathing difficulties).
After four days without my PM dose, I finally called my family cautiously excited that the Vivix had made a huge difference.

I had a follow up appointment with my pulmonologist on Sept 16th. He said that based on the NORMAL levels of inflammation in my blood work and the IMPROVED FUNCTIONING of my lungs, that the Sarcoidosis was in remission again.
I was so elated and thankful! I no longer take any steroid medication. yeah!! I truly believe, Anne, that a strong faith, loving family and friends along with supporting my immune system with the supplements and the amazing Vivix, that I was able to win my battle against Sarcoidosis. Thank you and thank Shaklee for making an amazing and healthy difference in my life. God Bless, Jeannie

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